Ramblings on Embarrassment -Writing Prompt #3

The Daily Post’s Writing Prompt- Embarrassing¬† I’ve never had a truly horrific embarrassing moment. I’m just reflecting trying to think of one. But the evidence that I have to think about it says I didn’t have a terrible incident. Least none that have shocked me to my core. In second grade I think I peedContinue reading “Ramblings on Embarrassment -Writing Prompt #3”

Her Smooth Skin – Writing Prompt #1

The Daily Post’s¬†writing prompt of the day. Smooth. My first thought to this was the feeling a woman’s soft, smooth skin. I’m not exactly sure what that means. I know it’s one of the first things I think about with a new potential partner. I daydream about getting to feel her vibe–not just her skin.Continue reading “Her Smooth Skin – Writing Prompt #1”